Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls PS4

– Improved graphics in 1080p, effects of motion blur, brightness and depth of field, and improvements in lighting and shadows. The game also uses the DUALSHOCK 4 control speaker to facilitate immersion when playing as Aiden (the other entity).

– Decisions are indicated at the end of each scene and compared with those of other players.

– Now you can play the game in chronological order from the beginning: one of the most requested features for the PS3 version!

– Increased difficulty in several fight scenes, in addition to improved controls for the action sequences.

– The base game includes the DLC ‘Advanced Experiments’.

1,330.00 2,499.00

Heavy Rain & Beyond: Dos Almas Collection allows you to relive the incredible interactive experiences offered by Heavy Rain and Beyond: Dos Almas on PS3, now remastered to the new features and power of the PS4 (1080p and 60 fps) and also accompanied by extras.

Heavy Rain
What decisions will you make when the rain falls?

HEAVY RAIN, is an interactive drama of cinematic flavor and in constant evolution that now reaches PS4 after its success in PS3.

The game, which touches a varied adult theme, revolves around a sophisticated plot and solid narrative threads that explore a complex moral proposition.

You will adopt the role of multiple characters from very different backgrounds, motivations and abilities in a world shaped by sinuous plots, a narrative dynamic design in which your actions and decisions will shape your story.

Beyond: Dos Almas
Revive on your PS4, and with enhanced graphics in 1080p, the story of Jodie Holmes (played by Ellen Page), a young woman with an unusual life for her connection with a supernatural entity and whose mysterious skills will be investigated by the Dr. Dawkins (Willem Dafoe).

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