Hidden Agenda PS4

  • Innovative and accessible: As a PlayLink game, Hidden Agenda allows people of all skill levels to participate with the use of mobile devices as controllers
  • Group play: Whilst Hidden Agenda can be played in single player, this truly is a great social experience designed to be played with a group of friends; imagine a movie night where you get together to enjoy a thriller and the story changes based on the choices you all make
  • Choice and consequence: Illustrated by the Ripple Effect mechanic, Hidden Agenda is a branching story that puts choice and consequence at the heart of the gameplay; every decision you make has a consequence that impacts the story in some way; which ending will you see?
  • Modes: With two gameplay modes for different occasions, the story can be enjoyed both cooperatively and competitively; either play together, making joint decisions on how the story will pan out or play against your friends by scoring points based on players Hidden Agendas

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Hidden Agenda is a new crime thriller from Supermassive Games that follows the story of the hunt for the infamous Trapper killer, blending the best elements of games and movies, with a branching narrative. Whether you play on your own or in a group of up to six, players will use their mobile devices to make tough decisions about how the narratives on screen unfold, that may determine life and death.

But not everyone will be working to the same objective. Players can be tasked with their own personal agendas where the aim is to influence the other players.

Can you solve the mystery before it’s too late?

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