Outcast: Second Contact PS4

  • More than 60 hours of gameplay with an engrossing storyline
  • Adventure in the heart of an alien civilisation – hundreds of quests in an open and savage world
  • Features a charismatic hero viewed as a messiah and voiced by the official voice of Bruce Willis
  • Spectacular battles against formidable enemies using futuristic weapons and gadgets
  • Total freedom where each action has consequences on the equilibrium of the world

1,000.00 2,999.00

Second Contact is an open world action-adventure game taking the player to an extraterrestrial planet as dangerous as it is beautiful. You take the role of Cutter Slade, an elite soldier sent on a mission to Adelphi, home of an ancient and advanced alien civilisation. Your choices and actions will determine humanity’s survival. Remake of a Cult Classic Outcast: Second Contact is the complete remaster of the cult game Outcast. The first open, 3D world in the history of video games and a true pioneer in the action-adventure genre – the original game won over 100 awards including adventure game of the year. The remake of the award-winning action, adventure game.

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